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India Center is A Non-Partisan, Not-for-Profit & Non-State organization dedicated to Strong
India-Japan Global Partnership and Alternative Development Model for a Better Tomorrow


India Center envisions a Global Reality of Better Tomorrow based on Empowerment instead of Exploitation by establishing strong ties between India & Japan along with their global partners. India Center strives to develop platforms where policymakers

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To ensure sustainable development by introducing Alternative Development Models of development that are replicable and scalable particularly in areas like governance, infrastructure, technology, education and human capital.

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Alternative Development Model Framework that is built on R-M-E (Relationships, Mechanisms, Execution) & E-E-S (Energy Efficiency, Environmental Responsibility, and Sustainability) philosophies for 'Holistic Global Development'.

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Chairman's Message

In recent years, the world's attention has turned to Asia, fast declaring the 21 Century as the "Asian Century." With the international

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Director General's Message

India Center celebrated the twentieth anniversary of its founding in 2016. It is a mystery and a glaring fact that the twentieth anniversary

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