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  • Vision & Mission

  • 'Strong India,Strong Japan' for Holistic & Sustainable Global Development'

    India Center envisions a Global Reality of a Better Tomorrow based on Empowerment instead of Exploitation by establishing strong partnership between India & Japan along with their global partners. India Center strives to develop platforms where policymakers and opinion leaders Dream, Discuss and Design solutions to global development challenges. India Center believes in bringing dreams into reality by an Action Oriented approach that is tangible & achievable. The organization envisages Alternative Development Model Framework that is driven by principles of EES (Energy Efficient, Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable) & REM (Relationship First, Mechanisms, Execution).


    To establish strong India-Japan Partnership for a 'Better World'-Through Alternative Development Model Framework

    • To ensure sustainable development based on Alternative Development Model Framework

    • To nurture long-term symbiotic relationships between India and Japan & integrating with other global partners

    • To ensure for Enegry Efficient, Environmentally Responsible and Sustainable future for all.

    • To create & promote awareness globally through multi-level, cross-sectoral interactions about global issues.

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