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Chairman's Message
  • Chairman's Message

  • Vibhav Kant Upadhyay
    India Center
    About Chairman

    In recent years, the world's attention has turned to Asia, fast declaring the 21 Century as the "Asian Century." With the international community standing at a major turning point in terms of both politics and economics, oriental tradition, which nurtures a unique harmonious blend of Eastern religious and cultural values, is fast gaining global acceptance. Given this, the roles that India, Japan, can play in the rapidly changing international community are becoming the focus of growing anticipation.

    Today relationships among these three giant Asian countries must be reinforced from the standpoints of politics, economy and culture. To achieve this goal we need constant interaction and deep mutual understanding at the grass root levels.

    I am making a clarion call to all to assist build an even stronger partnership between Japan and India than it already is. It is here and now that we must all come together to strengthen this relationship between India and Japan.

    When building a nation-to-nation partnership, there are three important factors: common themes, communication and human exchange between both parties, and economic interdependence. In order to make this a reality, we have taken many initiatives like The Indo-Japan Global Partnership (common theme), Promotion of Indian Movies as a means of mass communication and the development of Information Technology as a model for economic interdependence between the two countries.

    Indeed, I believe that this building of a nation-to-nation partnership is India Center's mission. By fully utilizing the advantages and resources of both countries and reinforcing their unique and shared Asia-based values, I firmly believe that we can help bring peace, stability, and prosperity to Asia and the world at large.

    India Center has succeeded in building a platform for a new Indo Japan Partnership, by gaining the trust, understanding and cooperation of policymakers, opinion leaders, business leaders and prominent academicians.
    It is indeed a great honor for us at India Center to play the role of a catalyst in activating the traditional and old relationship between Japan and India. We look forward to receiving the valuable support of all who share this vision and desire to strengthen Indo- Japan friendship.

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