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  • Project-X

  • The Committee of Indo- Japan Project comprising of India Center and Hakuhodo Inc. seeks to air Project X in India as part of its efforts to connect people of both India and Japan from different background such as politics, business and culture. The Committee is formed to cultivate a strong partnership between India and Japan, with an aim of bringing peace, stability and prosperity not only to India-Japan but also to the people in Asian countries as a whole.

    The main role of the Committee of Indo- Japan is to act as an intermediary in cultural and economical relationship with an aim of establishing and enforcing the stronger partnership between India and Japan.

    "Project X" is the title of an original NHK TV documentary series aired in Japan between the year 2000 and 2005 about 187 times. It is a series that records the highpoints of the period of Japanese economic recovery following the Second World War. There are total 37 episodes based around a particular product or project that made Japanese industry a global force.

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